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Britain Hottest Day This Year

As we can see, today is the hottest day this year so far with the temperature rising to as much as 30°C and even more in south. Probably You are all aware how important is to stay safe in that weather conditions. Just to remind You, please remember to:

  1. Keep your body cool and hydrated by drinking plenty of water (try to avoid sweet drinks or alcohol)
  2. Avoid staying on sun for long period of time
  3. Use appropriate sun cream to avoid sunburn
  4. Keep your house cool (shut your blinds and curtains during a day)
  5. Make sure You are not leaving food out that supposed to be in refrigerator or fridge.
  6. Please make sure that you check specially on elderly and kids to make sure that they are ok.

If You or anyone feel dizzy and unwell please contact your local GP or emergency department.

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